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Website design, web development, and SEO is easy when you partner with iTelligent Solutions (iTS). Why? Because we aren't like the rest. We handle everything from start to finish through an all-inclusive service plan that saves you time and money, making up front pricing easy for everyone! By taking control of website design and website development, digital marketing, content creation, maintenance, and search engine optimization (SEO), we guarantee improved web traffic in areas such as real-estate, restaurants, automotive, health care, legal services, pet care, technology and other vertical markets through innovative techniques. Our services are in York, PA and its surrounding areas.


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We're proud to offer the best web design and SEO tools and service available anywhere, and all without you having to break the bank. That's why we take a personalized approach to every website we create and all of our services are based off of a unique all-in-one subscription plan so you never have to worry about going overboard when looking for reputable web designers and search engine optimization firms.

24/7 support

24/7 Support

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Not only do we make website design services and SEO marketing affordable, we also ensure spectacular results. So spectacular, in fact, that every project has earned us nothing less than 5 stars from every client who took the time to review us.

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Through an all-in-one subscription plan designed specifically for your needs, you'll get everything you need to run your small business. We take pride in working alongside startups like yours by helping them build trust within local communities by delivering authentic and trustworthy content which is expertly designed, resulting in unprecedented visibility.

1. You choose a time

Set up an appointment via the "Appointment" tab. You choose the date, time, and contact preference (phone, Zoom video, or in-person).

   2. You set goals

You tell us what you want, we make it happen. Website, logo, newsletter, video promo, flyer, etc. We have an optional downloadable questionnaire to help guide your questions.

     3. Contract

Seal the deal. We both sign a contract that protects both parties. This contract does not tie you into any long-term commitments. It's mostly just legal stuff to protect you and us.

    4. You're In!

You subscribe to the iTS Fusion subscription and get access to the iTS Fusion Member Portal that gives you access to all upcoming projects, payments, and website files. This will be collaborative and we'll be able to share all website and marketing related content.

      5. We're on it

We get started on your site and give you exclusive access to your website directly, via a special portal. You will be able to make changes as you please. We'll be there for you 24/7 if you need any help.

     6. We never rest

We perform weekly and monthly optimizations to your site (technical and managed SEO) so you stay ahead of your competitors. This is the last step in the iTS Fusion process and never expires as long as you stay subscribed - which we highly recommend so you avoid your website dropping in rank and losing all that hard work.

So, what's the cost?


Fees included, cancel at any time.

*Non-profits get 20% monthly discount. If you don't need a website or just needing something small done, e.g. fix broken website, logo design, flyers, video promo... - Contact us, we have subsidized pricing available.


All good SEO comes from a website built right. That's why our builder is based on React. Why? Because we ensure faster rendering so your website beats the competition that is using traditional coding techniques. It also guarantees stable code and is SEO friendly.


This is not included in the iTS subscription. Price will vary.

You want an app for your business? You got it. We design apps for businesses of all types.

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If your website doesn't load fast enough, Google might lose interest in it. But if they lose interest, so do potential customers. That's why iTelligent Solutions puts customer retention above everything else. We go above and beyond to make sure your website applies best SEO and technical practices without breaking the brand. Check out below to see how we stack up against the competition.

One pricing tier, $250/m: 24/7 support, managed website optimizations, SEO, unlimited sites, automation, and branding.

We pay for everything - you don't have to worry about any expenses outside of your iTS Fusion subscription. We've developed a cost-effective way to take care of all expenses so the savings can be passed onto you.

Managed SEO. This is probably one of the biggest advantages we have over our competitors and for you - making sure you stay ahead of your competitors.

We don't charge extra for things such as website design tasks, automation, and weekly consulting (not monthly).

We monitor your website 24/7 for any unusual behavior.

2 - 4 week turn-around to create your site.

We help you create content for your website.

The Other Guys

Complicated tier pricing and limited services if you don't purchase the most expensive tier ($1,595/m - Growmodo).

They have you pay for multiple things outside of their pricing subscription (as if it wasn't expensive enough) including, registrar, theme, hosting, tools. They use traditional methods so they have to charge more.

$600-$5000 per month for OutReachFrog's managed SEO. Growmodo doesn't offer managed SEO leaving your website stagnant.

They charge extra for essential services such as website design tasks and monthly consulting calls.

Growmodo doesn't offer this even on the growth $1,595/m package

1 - 2 month turn-around to create your site.

Growmodo says that you'll have to go to someone else for this.

The average website load time is about 2.3 seconds. Our members' sites, on average, load well under 2 seconds - time is money, literally.

Source: Backlinko recently conducted a study where they analyzed over one million search engine results pages (SERPs) on Google.


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We work out of the York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, & Towson, MD areas.

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Matthias Hamm

Founder & Web Developer

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Jared Grace

Co-Founder & Software Engineer

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Daniel Dreyfus


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Ashley Rosenberger

Web & Graphic Designer

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Sarah Coates

Graphic Artist

You've thought about it. Now it's time.


2 - 4 Week Turn-around

Investing the time to build the perfect website means getting value from it for years to come. We know a lot of people don't have time to do this, so we do it for you and normally can get your site up and running within 4 weeks at the latest.

Ignite Your Brand

Aside from building your site, we handle every aspect of design— logos, print material, social media promotion—which ensures every aspect of design works together. We offer these custom services 1 time per month. We also offer blogging services ranging between $350-$650/blog (500 - 2000 words) as a separate fee. These blogs will be fully SEO optimized and have a significant impact on your website's Google rank as well as adding credibility and transparency.We highly recommend at least one 500 word blog for all our members.

Managed Organic SEO

By subscribing to our Fusion subscription, we guarantee results! By setting up your site across multiple platforms, we gain organic visibility in search results as well as a firm grasp on keywords, which enables us to place your business ahead of your competitors seen on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Through analyzing monthly, we're able to tweak the SEO methods we use to reach organic ranking. This means spending less money on costly advertising and sticking with only essentials.

Support You Can Rely On

Through our subscription plan, members gain unlimited access to support from our expert web design and SEO team. Members benefit from direct access to their websites from their online portals—which makes keeping track of your progress easier than ever before! You can also rest assured that we are here 24/7 if anything goes wrong.

Sky's not the limit

Through our all-in-one subscription plan, everything we do is proven effective at bringing qualified leads to your business. If you're unhappy with anything that you see, we offer unlimited revisions until you're happy.

Secure Store & Checkout

Interested in a shopping cart or e-commerce site? We got you covered. Just sign up for our subscription plan and we'll have your website built and ready to accept payments straight away (fees may apply from our recommended payment platform and is not paid for by us).

Never Settle For Less

We offer the best professional and highly rated web design and SEO services Stewartstown, Shrewsbury, and York area has ever seen. No website is too small and no website is too large, because we customize every plan based on YOUR website's needs.

Unparalleled Cloud Hosting

We cover all domain (registrar) and hosting costs. Your site will be managed and hosted securely on Google Domains & AWS (Amazon Web Services) being monitored and pinged every 1 minute. If your website experiences unexpected downtime our team monitor alerting services around the clock. Additionally, Using custom rules we create a set of actions to alert us immediately when things are not right. All websites we create include a live stats link on the footer so everyone can easily access reporting information live whenever they want to view stats online. Click here to see ours.

Nothing Gets By

We use HTTPS protocol. Without going into tech talk, basically, when users click on links leading to your site, those links go from HTTP to HTTPS, which means they're now being transmitted securely from point A to point B—without possible breach from third parties. Millions of websites do not do this, making them susceptible to lurking hackers. We also have reliable 24/7 monitoring service that tells us instantly for any unusual behavior.

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